A Coach With A Heart of Compassion

I’m Sheryl Quesnel of Process to Wellness.  I coach from a place of empathy and compassion, because I’ve been in the client’s shoes.  You see, my journey to becoming a personal wellness coach started 22 years ago, when I realized that I had a passion for nutrition and helping other people to get healthier.  But before I could effectively teach, troubleshoot and equip others, I had to solve my own health and weight issues. 


I was overweight and creeping toward diabetes, sleep deprived and adrenal fatigued.  I dieted and ran endless cardio, but I couldn’t get free of all of my stubborn weight, blood sugar issues, exhaustion and fatigue.  After becoming post-menopausal, I began to gain weight again.  Was this my menopausal destiny?  When I could no longer fit into my favorite clothes, I got my spunk back, rolled up my sleeves and went to work to finally figure out what was going on in my body.  I learned that insulin resistance was behind all of my symptoms.  I learned what to do to improve my condition and then I put my plan into action.  I was amazed at how easily the fat melted off, as I improved my insulin resistance, and as a bonus, I now fall asleep quickly and wake up rested and abundant in energy.  These good changes in my own health, inspired me to get training so that I could live my dream of helping others gain wellness and lose weight.


I’ve been trained by Dr. Eric Berg in the Berg Method and I share his philosophy of getting to the root of health issues instead of only managing symptoms.  My heart’s desire is to do my part to stop diabetes in its tracks by powerfully dealing with insulin resistance.  Seven out of ten adults are insulin resistant at some level - that’s too many diagnoses of diabetes coming in the future.   


Once I began coaching and seeing my clients have victory over the problems that had been insurmountable to them, I realized, that other than raising my children, this is the most rewarding work I’ve ever done.  Because of this, I keep my coaching packages easy to understand and my fees affordable and within reach for most people.


I offer a FREE no pressure no obligation telephone consultation.  Please call 208-267-1990 and also you can visit me at processtowellness.com to learn all about my packages, fees & how I can help you solve the problems that you’ve been unable to solve on your own, so that you can have your desired transformation too.