A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Yes, this is me - I promise.  The first photo was taken on my 45th birthday - I was unhealthy - suffering from adrenal fatigue, severely insulin resistant, dangerously close to diabetes, sleep deprived, stressed and exhausted.  The second photo (taken May, 2020) is me at nearly 57 and shows that I have lost over 14 inches off of my waistline and over 50 pounds, and I've kept it off.  My wellness is  drastically improved and I'm happy and comfortable in my "own skin".  I am a true success story.  I'm ready to use everything I know, to help you too.


About Sheryl

I’ve achieved winning results in gaining wellness and losing weight. As a wellness coach, I’m passionate about helping you & I find this work to be extremely rewarding. You can have victory over the scale and your waistline, no longer feel perpetually exhausted, no longer be chained to an exercise program, and improve your wellness by - enjoying a healthy relationship with food,

​A little about me: As a woman who is nearly 57, I’ve learned that it is good for us to continue to invest in ourselves. I continue to receive mentoring, I continue to educate myself, and I continue to work on getting unstuck and overcoming. And, I recently took up photography and teaching myself a musical instrument. Getting here was a process. When my children were little, I noticed a huge flame of interest in the field of nutrition. I dreamed about helping others with my new passion, but first I needed to deal with my own weight struggles and underlying health problems.  My before and after photo tells the story of my dramatic transformation results. 

I hope that you'll allow me to use my training and teach you how to achieve your own life changing transformational results.

   --Sincerely, Sheryl Quesnel