As a type A, born & bred east coaster, results matter to me. My outcome focus has not only been a driver but a contributor to my life-long personal and professional successes. Yet, at the wise age of 61, I found myself in an unhealthy groove – ‘night feeding’. I could go all day eating healthy. However as soon as dinner was complete my behavior went completely awry – wine, chocolate (sugar), popcorn (salt). I wasn’t even hungry! My BMI was 28. The CDC equates 30 BMI to obesity. Yikes! Something had to change and FAST.

 From my early 30’s I started dieting to rid myself of those 5-10 extra pounds. The Scarsdale diet worked back then. Fast forward in my 50’s I headed to WW with great results but the weight returned. I renewed my WW membership for a second time but couldn’t break the newer night feeding habit. Then, I headed to NOOM after a friend claimed it would be the magic bullet. It wasn’t. Thankfully, the Natural Awakening INW magazine had an article about Sheryl Quesnel and her Process to Wellness program. I started researching insulin resistance, hypothyroid issues and post menopause challenges. All of this new information made sense to why I couldn’t lose the weight in the manner previously. 

Now, after almost 14 weeks of working Sheryl’s Process to Wellness program I have lost 20 lbs.! I’m choosing healthy food choices, practicing intermittent fasting while observing the phenomenal physical & psychological benefits. I have a very different relationship with food. Food is now a means to healthy nutrition and well-being.

Hire Sheryl if my story resonates with you. It’s a financial investment worth the long-term benefits.

- Beth 12/21/20