Case Study – 68-Year Old Post-Menopausal Female


Summary:  Coaching was completed over a 12-week period of time.  At the final coaching session, the client reports feeling confident and ready to continue on in her health and weight loss journey and is thrilled with her results so far.  Client is a retired healthcare practitioner and reports that Sheryl “knows her stuff” and taught her techniques and understandings of the human body that has freed her from cravings, and that she is now enjoying, a healthy relationship with food.  Client reports that she is easily doing longer intermittent fasting periods with absolutely no hunger or cravings.


History:  During the initial discovery coaching session the client reports hypo-thyroid, joint pain and weight gain as her primary concerns.  Client has a history of fasting but finds it difficult.  Food cravings are a significant issue.  By the 5th coaching session, the client is reporting that weight loss has never been this easy and joint pain is gone and cravings have disappeared.  Major troubleshooting consists of successfully navigating social eating circumstances.  By the 9th session she’s realized that eating the “old way” makes her feel horrible and she reports that “it just isn’t worth it”.  Client also reports that her personal healthcare practitioner has lowered her thyroid medication after improved lab results.


Final Coaching Results:  This 68-year old post-menopausal female lost 13 pounds and 4” off of her belly.  Joint pain is gone.  Cravings and hunger gone.  She is successfully navigating social eating circumstances.  She feels free from a bad relationship with food.  Brain cognitive function is excellent.  She is feeling excellent on this program and plans to do this for herself for the rest of her life.