Question:  Is this just another diet program?


Answer:  Absolutely not.  This is a proven two-pronged approach that deals with the underlying problem of insulin resistance.  You will probably be pleased with the quality and amount of food.  Great question!

Question:  I don't know if I want to spend the money on hiring you.

Answer:  I encourage you to look deeper.  What's holding you back?  Is it fear of failing at another weight loss "program" or maybe something else.  This isn't a fad or diet or support group.  This is a one on one teaming up.  You bring the problem and I have the solution and I teach and equip you for long-term results.  Usually, where we choose to spend our money is a simple task of prioritizing.  Sometimes we need just a slight shifting in perspective for us to see that investing in ourselves, can have a massively positive snow-ball effects in our lives.  Asking ourselves -"if I don't go forward with hiring someone to help me, will my problem still be there a year from now, or will it be even worse?"  Thank you for your honesty, I hope this helps.

Question:  Do you guarantee results?

Answer:  There is no way for me to guarantee results, because so much depends on my client taking instruction and putting it into action.  I can tell you that when applied correctly this works.  Pop over to my before and after section to see the visual proof.  I struggled with my weight for my entire adult life, until I rolled up my sleeves and figured out that my underlying issue was the un-wellness of insulin resistance.  Once I dealt with this correctly, the weight melted off, and my wellness is drastically improved. 

Question:  I see that you work over the telephone.  Does this work well?

Answer:  Yes, it works very well.  As long as there is not a language barrier, we can solve your problems over the telephone very effectively.  Great question!

Question:  If I call for a free consultation, are you going to pressure me into signing up?

Answer:  Our call will be no pressure and no obligation.  It is our chance to have a relaxed conversation about your weight and health/wellness goals and how I can help.

Question:  Ok, I'm ready to purchase a coaching package.  What happens next?

Answer:  Next, I'll walk you through the payment and our agreement.  Once agreement is signed and the payment is received, we'll schedule your very first coaching session.