A Strong Immune System - An In-explainable Good Feeling

With a pandemic facing us, now is the time to make choices to strengthen our immune system.  The great news – building a stronger immune system is very attainable and not expensive at all.  In fact, there’s extremely impactful immune builders that are absolutely free.


  1. The early morning sun, when the ultraviolet rays are lowest, provides safe natural vitamin D which is an immune system regulator, lowering inflammation and keeping your immune army functioning as a controlled unit.

  2. Intermittent fasting.Shortening the window of eating, provides numerous benefits and a well-functioning immune system is one of them.Intermittent fasting improves insulin resistance, metabolic disorder, blood sugar issues, obesity, gut health, inflammation, and it cleans up old damaged proteins & pathogens.All of this works to strengthen your immune system.

  3. Improving Sleep.Simple and free techniques including intermittent fasting can have huge impact on improving sleep and boosting growth hormone.

  4. Managing Stress.Stress never completely goes away, but learning methods of managing stress can have a positive snowball effect on overall wellness and immune health.


Of course, we can supplement with Vitamin D & C, zinc and a probiotic, but until sleep, stress, nutrition and eating frequency is addressed, supplementation won’t be fully effective.  Building your personal armor is a long-term commitment, but well worth making the lifestyle changes.


Sheryl Quesnel is owner of Process to Wellness.  She personally coaches her clients into these lifestyle changes.  For a free consultation, please call (208) 267-1990.