Inflammation - Good Guy Turned Bad

Inflammation is the body’s way of dealing with injury, so what’s the problem with it?  


Our body is an amazing machine, designed to heal itself.  A properly working endocrine (hormonal messaging system) is constantly working behind the scenes, correcting injury and dealing with invaders.  But … when imbalances exist, due to cellular resistance to various hormones, usually caused by stress or diet, inflammation goes awry.  Our immune system becomes weakened and dysfunctional.


Inflammation is thought to be the root of all seriously debilitating diseases.  The good news – we can take simple and affordable steps to drastically improve inflammation, resulting in an uncovering of wellness that leaves you feeling leaner and with a sense of well-being from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.


Here's some reality to motivate you to deal with inflammation in your body.


  • It keeps you in a cycle of feeling fat and tired.

  • Cancer cells are attracted to the fire-storm of inflammation.

  • It significantly compromises your immune strength.

  • It can lead to disease including autoimmune disorders.


In my coaching practice, I utilize stress management, a healthy & satisfying low carb diet and combine it with intermittent fasting.  This deals effectively with insulin resistance (I/R) & stress related excess cortisol build-up.  You see, I/R causes malnourished cells, so improving insulin resistance, causes a positive rippling effect throughout the body.  When my clients implement my approaches, the plumped inflammation causing fat cells begin releasing their contents and the inflammatory fire-storm begins to calm down.  This produces improved sleep, which supports wellness gain and weight loss.  Gaining wellness, is the key to easier weight loss and maintenance.  We’ve been programmed to think weight loss causes better health, but it’s the other way around.  


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