Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance – A Basic Education


Seven out of ten adults in the world are insulin resistant at some level.  I was one of them.  I tell my story to encourage you.  You don’t have to give up or give in.  I’ve drastically improved my insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, sleep issues and I’ve lost over 50 pounds and 14 inches off of my waistline.  And I did all of this during the peri-menopausal and post-menopausal years (the toughest time for a woman to lose weight and improve her health).


I’ve spent the majority of my adult years studying nutrition and applying what I’ve learned.  But finally, when I understood insulin resistance and the impact it has on total health, I was able to complete the puzzle and get results in weight loss and overall improvement in health and wellness.  Let me take a moment to provide a simple explanation of insulin resistance and the course that it follows to diabetes.


Insulin is a hormone, which has many functions.  One of its functions, is to remove glucose/sugar from the blood by moving it into the cells, where it can be used as nutrition and energy for all of the bodily operations.  When large amounts of carbohydrate and proteins are consumed over a period of time and when there’s frequent eating, insulin is continually produced.  The cells detect toxic levels of insulin in the body and go into protective mode by closing their receptors.  This is insulin resistance.  Insulin is now not able to bring the nutrition into the cells, causing the cells to starve and proper body functions are diminished.  Insulin now performs differently.  It begins to remove the glucose/sugar from the blood and store it as fat in the liver, other organs, belly and all around the body.  In the meantime, the cells are starving and the endocrine messaging circuit is still asking the pancreas for more insulin so that nutrition can enter the cells, but … I’m sure that you’re getting the picture of how this circular process has gone awry.  Insulin resistance and cellular starvation goes on for years, and finally the insulin producing pancreas is loaded with fat and not working properly.  Now insulin production has stopped and blood sugar is no longer removed from the blood.  The amount of sugar in the blood climbs and boom – the pre-diabetes or diabetes diagnosis is given.


The good news – this can be reversed or at the very least, greatly improved.  Insulin resistance is seldom tested for, but there are easy ways that you can determine if you have insulin resistance. 


  • You look down and see belly fat.

  • You gain weight easily but find it almost impossible to lose weight or keep it off.

  • You experience stubborn weight loss plateau.

  • You have blood sugar issues.

  • You have stubborn belly fat after pregnancy.

  • You crave a ‘little sweet’.

  • You don’t feel satisfied after a complete meal.

  • You can’t go between meals without snacking.

  • You can’t go to bed without a snack.


By the way, the above WAS me and I was following in the footsteps of many people in my family, who are diabetic or have died due to complications from diabetes.  This is the reason that I coach - to see others get victory and freedom and prevent diabetes in their own life. 


Dealing with insulin resistance is all about reducing insulin spikes by what is eaten and the frequency of eating.  Proper implementation of my two-pronged approach, gets rid of cravings, hunger and weight loss becomes more effortless than you might imagine.  Eating properly by my method, feels like ‘high-hog’ eating and I regularly get feedback from my clients, that they feel satisfied & clear headed, and that they plan on eating this way for their rest of their lives.  I follow my own approach and I agree with this feedback completely. 


I offer a free no pressure and no obligation telephone consultation where you and I can have a relaxed conversation and discuss your needs and how I can help you achieve the transformation that you desire.  Super easy – just pick up the phone and call me at (208) 267-1990 and if I’m available, we can chat.  Otherwise we’ll schedule a time that works for both of us.