"Incredible results, honestly. I am insulin resistant, hypothyroid, and almost 69 years old. I have struggled with weight since menopause (actually, since my 40s), and tried multiple diets, and in spite of being a nurse practitioner with a background in helping patients manage their insulin resistance and weight issues, I have even paid out lots of bucks to find something that works long term. After the covid-19 confinement, I got to my highest weight ever and that's when I called Sheryl. In 4 weeks, I've lost 7 lbs (I've never lost that much in one month on ANY diet) and 2" off my waist. I'm so pleased! I'm eating a great whole foods diet and am never hungry. No more joint pain either. I couldn't be more happy! I plan to eat this way the rest of my life. Thanks, Sheryl!!!"Karen  6-12-2020