Many women who suffer from PCOS haven’t received satisfactory relief from managing their symptoms with the standard medical protocol.  They are searching for answers and would like to get to the bottom of this issue utilizing food as medicine.  What is the best diet for PCOS?  Research is showing the link between insulin resistance and PCOS.  Eating to improve insulin resistance can improve PCOS symptoms.


I agree that there is a connection between insulin resistance and PCOS.   Insulin resistance is the cell trying to protect the body against high (toxic) levels of insulin, but in doing so, glucose nutrition cannot enter the cell and nourish it.  This of course, includes the sex organ cells.  Malnourished sex cells prevent estrogen and testosterone from properly balancing and functioning, and in the female, this causes high androgen levels.  Also, high levels of insulin cause a spike of pituitary luteinizing hormone and this causes ovarian cells to produce more androgen.  In addition, high levels of insulin, affect the liver production of sex hormone binding globulin, which helps to buffer male androgen hormone in females.   High androgen levels = PCOS.


In my coaching practice, I attack insulin resistance by teaching you that it’s all about what you eat, (or don’t eat) and the frequency of eating.  The best diet for PCOS would include the following recommendations:  cut out fruits and grains and increase non-starchy vegetables; cut out the dairy but consume high-quality grass-fed butter and heavy cream; increase the high-quality fats to keep you satisfied between meals and support sex hormones; eliminate GMO foods and eat organic as much as possible – these toxins disrupt sex hormones; finally, equally important to foods - live a properly implemented intermittent fasting lifestyle.


PCOS women crave carbs often and implementing the above changes will greatly reduce cravings.  I take my clients through a step by step two-pronged approach and they report weight loss, improved symptoms and never feeling hungry or suffering from cravings.


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