The Stress Factor Link to Fat

We’ve been hearing for years that the hormone cortisol causes belly fat.  But why? 


First, I’ll quickly cover the positive effects of cortisol.  It’s an anti-inflammatory and helps to regulate blood sugars & metabolism.  It wakes you up in the morning and when your body perceives stress, the adrenal glands release it, to cause the alert flight fright response.  Unfortunately, we are all under stress, sometimes chronic stress, and most stress is not managed well.  Repeated stress causes a build-up of toxic levels of cortisol in the body.


How does cortisol cause us to accumulate body fat?  Cortisol build-up in the body begins to break down the body proteins and converts them into glucose or blood sugars.  This is why the individual that struggles with adrenal problems, will have a fat droopy tummy but atrophied muscles in their legs and bum.  The toxic levels of cortisol are literally eating the muscles and converting their meal into sugar to be stored away in the fat cells and we end up sick and fat.  You don’t need that expensive supplement from the TV ad.  In my coaching practice, I utilize stress management along with satisfying low carb eating and intermittent fasting.  Here’s an easy tip to get you started today – go on a relaxing walk.  Yep, that’s it.  Turn off the electronics and go on a walk to break down excess cortisol build-up in your body.


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