"My quest began several months ago to get healthier and slimmer.  I prayed for a ‘coach ‘ that would help me and that I could be accountable to. One day a friend’s daughter was playing with some little picture cards (of a ‘before and after’) and when I asked about them, she told me that she’d offered to help advertise for her friend’s Process to Wellness business and that she was a coach.  I said, “Wow!! That’s what I was wanting and had been praying for!”

I took her card and phoned Sheryl and got on board 🙂. I’m so glad!

I got results!

Right away, I began to sleep much better and sometimes ALL NIGHT LONG!! I’m 69 and haven’t done that for many, many years!!

Each week Sheryl would give me new steps to take and answer my questions. I followed what she said - trusting her. It worked! Every week my weight dropped and waist got smaller. At 2 months I’d lost 22 lb. and now it’s been 3 months and I’m down 25 lb. and feel many years younger - plus, I’m happy to be the size I’ve been wanting to be for so long! I’m so thankful Sheryl came into my life and for her excellent coaching!

She is amazing!" Susan 9-25-2020