Weight Loss

Losing weight and keeping it off, doesn’t have to be such a great challenge.  But, if this statement is true, why do so many people struggle with excess weight?  Obesity is an epidemic and the worldwide healthcare scene will continue to become increasingly burdened by the disease effects of obesity.  I myself struggled with weight for years and I was creeping toward debilitating health issues in what felt like a horrible ride that I couldn’t get off of.  But finally, at age 56, I learned what the problem was and it wasn’t that I wasn’t trying to maintain a healthy.  My life, probably like yours, consisted of daily scale battles, calorie counting, grueling workouts and finally giving in and giving up.


What changed for me to get the pounds to melt off?  I simply reduced my frequency of eating and reduced my consumption of certain types of foods.  It’s not about calories in/calories out.  It’s all about what we don’t eat and how often we eat other foods.  I was shocked at how easy the weight came off.  I was shocked that I went from a size 18 at my heaviest down to a size 2.  I was shocked that I felt good.  I was shocked that I was getting deep restorative sleep every night.  I was shocked when I realized that all of my cravings were gone.  And I’m still jumping for joy when I hear my clients reporting similar results. 


We need to team up and I’ll teach you how to get your metabolism switched over to be a fat burning machine.  There’s no calorie restriction involved and exercise can be enjoyable instead of grueling.  You’ll naturally boost and tap into the anti-aging benefits of growth hormone and your brain will be nourished with its preferred source of fuel- your own stored fat.


Sheryl Quesnel is the owner of Process to Wellness.  For a free consultation, please call (208) 267-1990.